Random Cam Story:

Though I was not gay, I found myself having more and more tendencies of late. These tendencies involved me looking at cock pics online, checking out guy's crotches in the streets, and I'd even started to explore the world of webcam. I had no idea how many people used stuff like this to get off and to possibly even meet others.

I'm Dan, a 25 year old teacher who has tons of young women as coworkers but they all seem to be engaged, married, or pregnant. So I am forced to do a lot of jerking off when I'm in my apartment and it was during one session a few weeks ago that I first started to notice something. The bigger the guy's cock in the porno, the harder I would get, and also very quickly. I found myself searching for videos that specifically had these guys with huge dicks fucking girls who would gasp and scream out as they got plowed.

I have an average sized cock, thicker than most but not longer than 7 inches. I have also had my share of women in the past, but with no prospects on the horizon and an above average sex drive, I started to get off on these videos as much as I could. Sometimes I would search for guy on guy action as well, anything that involved cock. I would often jerk off until just before I came, and then finish off with a heterosexual video because somewhere in my sick mind, it was less taboo this way.

After a week or two of this, I clicked on a webcam link by accident, and before I could close it, I saw a few of the girls who I could allegedly interact with. I browsed a few pages and then found myself clicking on the guy's cams. I don't know if it was to compare sizes at first or if I really had an interest in following through, but I created a user name and went out to buy a webcam. I felt a little sleazy at the store while buying it, because the 16 year old girl at the counter gave me a fleeting glimpse that made me wonder what ELSE someone could be buying a webcam for. Anyway I hurried home with my dick already hardening in anticipation.

I installed the cam, stripped down to my boxers, and locked my door even though my roommate was not home. I quickly found the gay chat rooms and entered the first one I saw. There were about 10 other people with cams on and right away, a few started to request to view my cam. They told me they would show me theirs if I did. I decided to go for it; this was why I bought the damn thing, and I could position the camera so that it would not show my face. Just the user names of some of these guys was making me hard, as they all referred to their penis size or what they like to do to other cocks.

I received a request from one in particular whose name made reference to his uncut dick. I had found in my recent video searches that for some reason, the uncut ones were making me the horniest. I had no reason for why, other than that I just liked the way they looked. I clicked ''ok'' to accept this guy's request and received a message that he was now watching me. I could also see my cam so I knew what he saw. Then an invite to his cam popped up and I eagerly clicked ''ok'' as my own dick started to become erect in my boxers. His cam appeared and I saw a man in probably his late 40's sitting in his computer chair.

He wore no clothes at all, and his cam focused solely on his crotch. His crotch was hairy and his hard prick hung between his legs, fully erect. It was big and fat, and my cock instantly pushed through my boxers, straining to be freed. Even though the cam was aimed at his cock, I could tell he had a gut as well, and was most likely not attractive at all. But that didn't matter to me; guy's faces didn't get me going. It was strictly their cocks. The man's hand gently rubbed his cock every so often, and a message box popped up from this guy asking me to take off my boxers. I slid them down my legs and yanked them off, leaving me naked on camera in front of a strange MAN! All rational thought left my brain as this went on; the only thing I was concerned with was watching this guy jack his fat prick while he typed dirty things to me about what he fantasized he would do to my cock, and what I'd do to his.

In the meantime, a few other guys requested to view my cam, and I exchanged with two other guys so I had three guy's cocks in my face while we all jerked off to each other. I watched one of the guys erupt into his hands and I started to stroke my thick dick hard and fast, bringing myself to the verge of climax but before I could shoot my load, the first man wrote for me to wait a second. I let go of my cock to see what he was saying and he then wrote that getting off is more fun if we can hear each other's voices. I told him my I was sorry but I wouldn't give out my number to a strange guy, but he told me we could talk through the built in microphones on our laptops for free.

I debated for a minute and before I could respond, my computer started ringing like a phone. The chat box advised me that this guy was calling me. I clicked to accept and a normal man's voice asked me how I was doing. I don't know what kind of voice I expected, but this guy was like anybody else. I told him I was good and he replied that my dick was making him horny as hell, and he wanted to cum at the same time as me.

That was fine with me; I was close anyway so we chatted for a minute or two, mostly with him telling me he wanted to suck my dick and 69 with me so I could taste his fat cock. I was new at this, and a bit nervous, but I started to pick up on the game a bit and dished it back to him. I told him I wanted to get between his legs and touch his big dick, and put it in my mouth. My words had an immediate effect on him and his voice shook as he whispered he was going to cum. He jacked his prick fast and I did the same, and as he yelled out, ''I'm coooommmiinnngg'', my huge load erupted from my cock and onto my chest, spurt after spurt.

It was one of the best orgasms I'd ever had. Spent, I lay there for a second watching his dick start to soften. He hung up his microphone but before he left, he requested to add my user name to his list so he could fund me again. I accepted. I cleaned myself off and logged off, for now......I'll gladly tell of my next session based on feedback.

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